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Sarah Chang Tadayon.

     Sarah Chang Tadayon hosts a trail blazing Persian talk show/docu-series: New Generation on Omid Iran Network.

     Catch her every Tuesday 2:00PM PST (Wednesday 8:30PM Iran Time) and see the world through her eyes. You can watch on TV or stream for free at www.Omid-Iran.com


     Sarah is a four language speaking international actress. Born in Los Angeles to a Chinese mother and Iranian father, Sarah was raised as a third culture child, traveling between Taiwan, Iran, USA, and everywhere else in between.                    

     She has worked in Hollywood, as well as in the Chinese and Iranian markets. With her exotic mixed features, she became a successful television artist in Asia, even hosting her own hit Chinese language travel show, Next Stop Taiwan.

     With the help of international journalist David Frazier, Sarah co-produced a grassroots style documentary about the struggles of being a mixed actress living and working in a homogenous Chinese market: watch Taiwan Famous.

     Sarah resides in Los Angeles. Her performance/acting reel can be viewed here.